I Started Waking Up at 4:30am and This Is What Happened


I Started Waking Up at 4:30am and This Is What Happened

I can already hear the shock and resistance.

I know because I’ve already heard it from my friends and family.

“You’re crazy!”, “I love sleeping in too much!”, “I could never do something like that.”

But here’s the facts, I have been waking up at 4:30am every morning before work for the past 6 months and it has changed my life.

Why Did I Start Waking Up at 4:30?

Like so many others, I love sleeping in. The warm duvet, the comfort of my partner – I totally get it! I know it is such a hard place to leave. The truth is, I have always considered myself a “morning person” but not a “getting out of bed person”. Meaning, I enjoy the peacefulness of mornings but getting up is the kicker. Can you relate?

But, there were a few reasons I knew I had to change my ways.

First, when I slept in, all my mornings would turn into a chaotic rush to get out the door. It was the typical pattern of over-sleeping, throwing on what I could find, and running to catch the bus. Not exactly the most positive way to set the tone for your day.

Second, I started to have bigger goals. I began to find more direction in my life and knew I needed to make changes to realize those goals. After work I was generally too exhausted to get much done so I tried the next best thing, working before work.

This is what happened…

I Wasn’t Tired For the Rest of My Day

This came as a shock even for me. To me, logically getting over 2 hours less of sleep should equal more fatigue, right? Not the case for me.

This is because I started my days with intention doing the things I wanted to do. Instead of leaving the house in a flurry, I could take my time and work on the personal development work I wanted to.

I Got More Done

Once I got in the habit of waking up so early, everything became easier. I started waking up excited for the possibilities for that day.

I could now catch the bus earlier before lots of other riders and traffic set in. After everything was said and done, I got about an extra hour and a half to work on whatever I wanted to.

The extra amount of time also allowed me to fit more time in for the personal development work I wanted to accomplish. I began planning and journaling which provided more clarity and became a productive byproduct of the early rising.

I Felt Clarity and Focus

Setting my intentions for the day set me up for success ahead of time.

I stopped having to play catch up and knew what I was doing, when I was doing it, and why I was doing it. I learned the early morning rush I would previously experience clouded my mind for a good part of my day.

Since most others are still asleep, everything was quieter and there were a lot less distractions. My early mornings quickly became something to look forward to, a time all for me.

Why You Should Start Waking Up Earlier

I know 4:30 simply isn’t for everyone. But I still encourage you to try waking up at least 1 hour earlier each day before work.

If you do the math, thats an extra 5 hours each week, or 260 hours in a year. Imagine everything you could accomplish in that time. You could start a new hobby, work on your passion project, or even start working out.

Ultimately, I believe everyone should start waking up earlier to get more done with more clarity and focus.

Final Thoughts on Waking Up at 4:30

So what do you think? Do you think you could start waking up at 4:30 every morning?

I truly believe the life-changing benefits outweigh the short-lived comfort of sleeping in a little bit longer. When you shift your mindset from what your losing to what you’re actually gaining, thats where the magic happens.

Torey is a personal development and mindset blogger at Lovely and Green. She teaches women to create heart-centered routines that incorporate self-care and productivity. Sign up for her free productivity worksheet to teach you everything you need to have your most productive week ever.


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